The Classic PVC coating is an ideal solution to transform your interior spaces in a harmonious environment.


This coating is ideal for false ceilings because offer stenght and durability withou forgetting decorative advantages of this solution

The Classic coating is available in a large variety of colors, allowing to easily adjust the surrounding decor of the space

Our lighter tones are especially recommended for spaces where it is intended to highlight the luminosity and clarity of the elements.

The tones similar to wood color are ideal for creating warm and welcoming spaces.

Our grey Classic coatings are ideally suitable for contemporaries environments.


Não encontra a cor que pretende? Contacte-nos.

Em qualquer das versões as cores podem sofrer alterações em função do monitor utilizado. pelo que são sempre de admitir diferenças.

Sem Revestimento

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Revestimentos p/ Interior

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Revestimento p/ Exterior

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