Rodifel Extrusion

Costumized Solutions

Innovative extrusion solutions

At Rodifel we are constantly focus at innovation and on effective responde to market needs.

Our manufacturing structure is flexible, with high technicality and know-how acquired over our more than 25 years of activity.

We are sprecialize in the development of innovative and differentiating solutions for the different industrial sectors where we operate.

A wide range of products

At Rodifel we produce a variety of high quality PVC products. Rodifel is a reference company with extensive experience in the production of PVC profiles. We design solutions for various industries and specific solutions for sectors as diverse as refrigeration, exhibitors, office furniture, automative and construction.

Custom answers

At Rodifel we have a flexible production and adapted to different needs of our customers. The differentiated technology and equipment available allws us to provide development, extrusion and cutting services for different industries, responding to the individuals needs and specific needs of each project.

Rodifel Extrusion